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Exclamation™ Publisher & Exclamation™ Designer

Keep your inventory, articles, portfolio and schedules up to date. Your Web site's visitors don't want to see that old Thanksgiving turkey on Valentine's Day!

The Exclamation products automate publishing of data to the Web. When combined with a simple database, say a spreadsheet, powerful automated site editing is a solution that speeds Web updating, resulting in fresh, relevant and detailed Web sites.

"Data" means anything from a product price to a newspaper story, and everything in between. It's the information you want put up on the Web. Exclamation focusses you on your business. When you edit your site's data, you're focussed on your business, not on how your Web site looks.

Exclamation runs on the desktop, not a fancy (read: pricey) Web hosting service. Any Web hosting service will work, you don't have to change anything: preserve your existing Web investments and business relationships.

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We make two products:

Exclamation Publisher and Exclamation Designer run on your Mac OS X or Windows XP/2000/NT desktop. Editing is quicker than similar Web-hosted systems, and it efficiently runs on the slowest CPU.

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